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There are some entertaining (and downright goofy!) places to visit below...don't forget to scroll down or click on the link to see the Random Boggler and Riddle !  Also see our Humor section below for more fun!

A few activities to keep
you busy!
  • Cartoon Dolls - I found myself addicted to this little site.  You drag and drop the images to make your own cartoon doll.  Heads, tops, pants, skirts, and accessories.  Great for making an avatar for message boards and chat rooms.

  • - personality tests and more.  Who's your TV family?  What's your true color?  Take these tests and find out.

  • Dumb Laws - find out all the dumb laws in the US and other countries.  For example: it is against the law to use dynamite to catch fish in Pennsylvania.

  • Useless Knowledge -  quotes, quizzes, trivia, useless facts and more.  This should keep you busy for a while!

  • The Dialectizer - enter a URL or test to see what they would look like in a variety of dialects: redneck, jive, swedish chef and more! 

  • The Love Calculator - are you and your love meant to be?  Come here to find out!

  • Virtual Snack Machine - Time for a midnight snack? Help yourself to a snack from the virual snack machine. 

  • Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten lists 

  • Dr. Webster's X of the Day Page - see the quote of the day, kissing tip of the day, fruit of the day and more.

  • Optical Illusions & Magic Eye 3D 

  • Fantasy Dinner Party - submit the 10 guests you would invite to a dinner party (living, dead or fictional)  See the list of the most popular dinner guests.
  • Mission: Hang It Up - chronicles a journey to the heart of Mojave Desert to hang up a pay phone.
  • Kiss This - the online archive of misheard lyrics.  Visitors can submit lyrics to songs which they have been singing wrong for years.  Funny site!

  • Am I Hot or Not? - you might be surprised at how a simple site like this can keep you occupied for so long.  People submit vote on a scale from 1 - see the average results.

  • Funplanet - a single player site with games and puzzles (word hunt, treasure hunt, super poker & more!)
  • Sand Art - Remember making sand art in a bottle?  Now you can make your own creation online.
  • 20 Questions - think of an item and let the program will ask you questions to try to figure it out.  Fun!
  • Guess the Dictator - similar to the above site, but here you have to choose either a dictator or a sitcom character and the program asks questions to try to determine who you are. 

  • Vineyard Challenge - The challenge: "to nurture a crop of grapes worthy of the finest vintners in the land."  

  • - play games and win prizes.

  • - find as many words as you can in a given phrase or word.  Compete with others as you play.

  • - solve mini-mysteries or play the 'director' in the short interactive mystery soap operas.
  • - the brain games, puzzles and pastimes website.
  • Type in what type of humor or jokes you are looking for (ex: kids, lawyers, blonde etc.) and allow's search engine find it for you:


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