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Follow these links to find interesting sites on the web - you might learn something new! 


  • Jen's Reference Links - this is another Jen who has a huge page of all the reference links.  If you are looking for information about anything, this is a good place to start!
  • - the site which gives you tips and instructions on how to do just about anything.  From checking brake fluid in your car to choosing a lipstick color.
  • Every Rule - this site has the rules for everything and anything from card games to etiquette and more!
  • SearchBug - find people, lookup email addresses, look for phone numbers.
  • - Dictionaries, biographies, almanacs and more.  For kids, you can check out their "Factmonster" site, too.

Science and Nature

  • Pinkie's Parlour - Flowers, flowers...and more flowers!  This is a private homepage with flower meanings, stories, links, goes on and on. 
  • The Inner Body - Use Java programs to show you the inner workings of the human body...or you can also take a tour of an automobile too!   You use your mouse to find the names of the muscles (or parts of a car, if you decided to take a look at the automobile instead)...and there is also some information about certain parts, too.
  • Plant Dictionary - a comprehensive listing of plants.
Language & Words

For Teachers

  • curriculum and lesson plans for teachers.  Various grade levels and subjects are available.
  • - This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers. They offer over 5000+ free printable pages.  They also have thematic units, flash cards, teaching extras and more.