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Follow the links to find a number of useful tools & graphics for your website.  (I apologize for some of my long-winded stories in my 'web hosts' section below...I think choosing a web host can be the most difficult decision for a web master - I have been very lucky to have chosen some of the best web hosts out there - I hope I might be able to help make your web host decision a little easier) Don't forget to scroll down to find the free wallpaper of the week!

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and more....Graphics
(I love browsing through graphics sites!)
  • All Free Backgrounds - a collection of backgrounds organized by color and pattern type. 
  • Painted Pixels - a nice collection of freeware/linkware/shareware graphics.  Blog templates, buttons, backgrounds and more.
  • Blogplates - a webring with sites offering templates for your 'blog' (webblog...something like an online diary)
  • - as stated on their site: " is the most comprehensive guide to free webmaster resources on the internet.  From scripts to software, we have everything that a beginning webmaster, or advanced web developer needs, to learn build and promote cutting edge websites."
  • Gateway's Free Stuff Archive - lists of free & fun content you can add to your site.
  • Webmaster resources - a list of sites offering templates for your website.
  • Free Site Templates - choose a template style (kids, holidays, flash, frames, etc) and you'll find a collection of templates to suit your style.
  • - a favorite of mine.  They have scripts and programs for all of the major programming/scripting languages - PHP, Perl, Javascript, etc.
  • Animation Online - Free Banners - create your own animated banners.  Choose from a selection of styles and you fill in the text you want to appear on the banner.

  • Dansie Shopping Cart - I love this program.  It's not free, but it is worth it.  You get a professional shopping cart program that works with a number of online payment processors (like PayPal).  You can sell subscriptions, offer gift certificates, run sales...and more.  Excellent!


Promotion, Web hosting, Domain names
  • Submit Corner - submit your site, read tips about how the major search engines work.  I spent an entire afternoon here.  I learned a lot about how search engines (like Altavista and Google) work.
  • - I have registered 3 domain names with them.  They are inexpensive, offer a full control panel for your domain name and they accept PayPal as payment for registration.
  • - I have two domains and my family has two domains registered with Dotster.  They are inexpensive and have some neat options for your domain name (such as blocking spam to your email address)
  • Hosting Matters - My wonderful, glorious, life-saving web host.  A long time ago....and a very long story ago....I tried another web host called True Hosting.  Well, there was nothing true about their hosting - it was a horrid experience.  Then came Annette - one of the founders of my current host, Hosting Matters. Annette decided to start a web hosting business after she, too, was infuriated by the people at True Hosting.  The result is a very professional and amazing web hosting company.  Excellent customer many options for your web site...and a lot of control is given to the customer.  It's wonderful.  If you have a problem, they'll give you the answer.  A+++
  • FutureQuest - my previous web host.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, as well.  I still visit their forums when I am having a programming problem.  I recommend them without hesitation. (I left because I needed 3 separate web accounts and I got a better deal with Hosting Matters...aside from that, I never would have left Future Quest) Terrific web host.
  • ICDSoft - My daughter and my father have their web sites hosted here.  Unbelievably cheap - Frontpage extensions, CGI-Bin, a mysql database, PHP....amazing.  And customer support - they are quick!  If you are just starting out, you might want to try them.


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